“Your life’s purpose is to Discover your WHO,
and release the fullest potential of you into the world.”

John Stix Signature

You are your purpose.

My name is John Stix, and I believe that discovering who you are is the most important journey you can take in this lifetime. It is your identity that reveals your purpose and allows you to release your fullest potential in this life.

My mission is to renew the hearts and minds of leaders globally by sharing my powerful transformation strategy for purposeful living at every moment.

I provide ongoing coaching and consultation to leaders and their teams looking to gain a crystal-clear focus of their dreams and a vision of how to live them. I help leaders create breakthroughs to increase trust, communication, and productivity across their business and personal lives, by aligning their hearts and minds with who they are and with what truly matters to them.

Your purpose is not rooted in what you do, but in who you are.

Many participants left feeling truly inspired to dig deep within and take action in their own lives.

Bindi Doshi, Government of Canada

John has the passion of someone leading a movement, and the skills of a natural born speaker who knows how to connect with an audience and motivate them toward change.

Shawn Achor, Good Think
Mark Tewksbury Canadian Gold Medalist

We talked about purpose and intention, potential and abundance. We talked for hours. I joked with him that I hadn’t talked like that for years and years.

Mark Tewksbury, Olympic Gold Medialist
Peter MacKay

John Stix is the embodiment of purposeful positive spirit. He is always in search of ways to improve the lives of those around him. We need more people to see the world as he does.

Peter MacKay

Thanks again for speaking at our national meeting. I’ve received rave reviews about your presentation. I think you really touched upon some key issues for people in the room.

Courtney Chappell, Regional Director, White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders

That was the first official standing ovation we’ve ever had after a speech in the 12 years we’ve been doing conferences.

Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman & Founder Internet Marketing Association

He teaches us to not believe the fear we stock pile as adults, the kind that cripples us. He takes everything down to a primal level so we can begin to build the life we were meant to live, authentically.

Cheryl Hickey, Host of ET Canada