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John’s personal mission is simple

“I am a man who speaks about the power of loving who you are and what you do, in the world.”

John StixI’m John, Identity Author, Speaker, and Transformation Specialist. I write and speak about the power of knowing and loving who you are and what you do in the world.

From the moment we take our first steps we’re conditioned to believe that life is a series of outward-facing activities. We’re all rushing from here to there in a desperate attempt to find purpose and to feel something real but all it leads to is stress and anxiety and a feeling of disconnection between who we are and the lives we’re living.

Is it even possible to find your true life’s purpose by searching outside of yourself?

In 2013 I was feeling lost, isolated, and disconnected from the successes in my life that should have been bringing me joy and engagement. I realized that continuing to look outside myself for answers was only distracting me from the truth: that I needed to look inward and remember who I am to find purpose and passion in my work and life once again.

I realized that one’s true purpose and potential are not found “out there”. They are found in WHO you are.

I believe that every single person on the planet has the same purpose. Your purpose is the same as mine. It is to know who you are. Because without knowing who you are, how can you know what to do or why you are doing it?

Identity is the source of your true potential and power in this world.

Through my own personal experience I developed I’m In: a powerful series of steps that I call iSights that all individuals and businesses should use to discover who they are. Now, through my book, speaking engagements, and personal coaching, I walk through these steps with other individuals and businesses to help them unhook themselves from what holds them back, and unleash their full potential to the world.

You too can uncover your natural identity and release your full potential to live out your dreams.

The answers are found inside.