John’s personal mission is simple

“I am a man who speaks about the power of loving who you are and what you do, in the world.”

John StixI’m John, Identity Author, Speaker, and Transformation Specialist. I write and speak about the power of knowing and loving who you are and what you do in the world.

I believe that everyone’s purpose is to discover who they truly are and release their full potential into the world. Living this belief activated a massive shift in my life and led me to write and publish “Discover Your WHO” and develop the Discover Your WHO app. Both of them provide a framework for living your very best potential every day of your life.

My mission is to renew the hearts and minds of leaders globally by sharing this powerful transformation strategy for purposeful living at every moment. I provide ongoing coaching and consultation to leaders and their teams looking to gain a crystal-clear focus of their dreams and a vision of how to live them. I work with leaders who have an expansive mindset and are ready to shed what no longer serves them in order to experience epic success.

I help leaders create breakthroughs which increase trust, communication, and productivity across their business and personal lives. The teams and individuals I work with report that they enjoy stronger relationships, more creativity and innovation, heightened clarity of mind, and an enriched lifestyle that is both purposeful and peaceful.  

Through Discover Your WHO, I help inspire authentic personal and relational transformation to elevate leaders who change the world.