The Happy Office Project is a special series from Canadian Business magazine. They set out to explore what makes for a positive workplace environment, and how they did it was pretty interesting; they experimented on themselves using Fibernetics Ventures’ Plasticity Labs App.  The results were less than encouraging as the data from Plasticity showed that Canadian Business is actually an unhappy place to work.

The most recent article of the series looks at a company where the employees are happy, and that is Fibernetics.

Writer  interviewed Fibernetics President John Stix on how he managed the change in the culture of his business to increase employment engagement, job satisfaction and, well, happiness:

“The cultural change isn’t about a ping pong table or a banner on the wall.”

“I think there’s an unfortunate movement toward the warm, fuzzy happy face stuff, and I think people are missing the opportunity to explore the deeper meaning behind it all. They put posters up, and they make arbitrary decisions about what’s going to make people happy. Who am I to think that I could make someone happy?”

“That’s such a personal thing. But if you want to share with us what would make you happy, I’d love to know that. It’s all about reaching out and talking.”

John Stix President Fibernetics

While all that is true, we actually do have a ping pong table. (And it’s awesome.)

Read the entire article here, and please share it with your co-workers (and especially your bosses).