March 2017

Kids Wireless Inc.

KidsWifi Announces Intended Expansion into the UK This Summer, and Strategic Partnership with Sarah, The Duchess of York

Together, ensuring a positive Internet experience for kids everywhere

March 22st, 2017– WATERLOO, ONTARIO – KidsWifi, a spin-off of Cambridge, Ontario’s Fibernetics Corporation, a leader in Internet parental control and management, is pleased to announce its intended expansion to the United Kingdom with Sarah, The Duchess of York. Together, they’re dedicated to spreading awareness on the constant threats children face while utilizing the Internet, and to providing parents with a simple and convenient solution to keep their children protected online.

In this digital age, children are exposed to online content that could harm them psychologically and physically. KidsWifi, along with their partners, have witnessed and experienced the harmful, irreversible distress the Internet can have on children. With this new partnership and focus, the KidsWifi team is devoted to informing parents on the risks and dangers of the online world, while providing parents with an essential, easy solution for protecting children as they utilize the Internet.

As a mother, child education advocate and best-selling author, Sarah, The Duchess of York, understands all about compassion for children and wellbeing. She founded Children in Crisis in 1993, which has educated over 1.4 million children, trained over 18,000 teachers, built 57 schools and supports hundreds of schools on a yearly basis. She has shifted her focus to also include protecting children as they use the most popular place where threats exist, the Internet. “I’m excited to see KidsWifi coming to the UK. The Internet can be a dangerous place for children but KidsWifi is making it a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.”

The KidsWifi device is a simple plug-and-play Internet safety solution that launched in Canada in September of last year. The compact device protects children from negative online content, and is available to parents across North America from their online store. KidsWifi gives parents peace of mind with the ability to filter adult and mature content, ads, identity trackers, social networks, gambling, illegal downloads and more. It provides parents endless options for blocking content, monitoring activity, and customizing each childs’ experience while they use the internet, with installation under 120 seconds. With support from their official spokespersons Cheryl Hickey and Shawn Achor, as well as their Kid Ambassador Jazmyn Bieber, the KidsWifi device is now inside the homes of families across Canada and the United States. With KidsWifi’s new strategic partnership with Sarah, The Duchess of York, the device will be available to parents in the United Kingdom with select retail partners both online and in-store in early summer this year.

Recently an article published in The Telegraph reported, one in three children send naked selfies when online. John Stix, President of KidsWifi, commented, “The problem is much more serious than we could imagine as parents, or would want to have to accept. When I grew up, we simply didn’t have these types of negative exposure, and it happens in a split second.”

Additionally, KidsWifi has received endorsement from Darren Laur, former Victoria Police Force Staff Sargent, citing his firsthand experience of the effect the Internet can have amongst children as the need for a safer digital ecosystem, “I believe that KidsWifi is an excellent option for families in helping to protect children online.”

Shawn Achor, world-renowned happiness researcher and NY Times best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage, has teamed up with KidsWifi and provides insight on the psychological effects the Internet can have on children. “We can’t just eliminate the negative. The absence of disease is not health. Health is what happens on the positive side of the curve where we see what our brains and bodies are capable of achieving. KidsWifi not only makes the Internet safe again, it dramatically transforms the Internet into a platform for educating our kids through positive content.”

With support from Sarah, The Duchess of York, combined with KidsWifi’s current official spokespersons and ambassadors, KidsWifi is ready to spread awareness on the current state of the Internet and how it’s affecting children. Sarah, The Duchess of York, is not only assisting with spreading awareness, but also helping KidsWifi enter into retail stores and online in the United Kingdom, and introducing KidsWifi to other strategic influencers. John Stix, President of KidsWifi, is ecstatic to have her support, “The Duchess of York, along with our current partners are helping us build awareness of this most serious issue facing our children globally. I want to thank the Duchess of York for all her efforts and friendship with KidsWifi.”

Shawn Achor said, “It is rare to find someone who devotes as much of their creativity, intelligence and resources to creating happiness in the world as the Duchess of York. Her optimism is contagious, and she is committed to the belief that change is possible. I am thrilled to announce our partnership with the Duchess.”
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