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Are you a leader who feels disconnected and alone in thought?

Do you feel trapped, knowing deep in your heart that you are not living how you want or should live? 

Do you have a measure of success but know that the success was built upon a foundation that is not you, making a trap out of the very things that define you as “successful” because you feel the pressure to maintain them and the pressure of everyone thinking that you have it all?

Are you a high-achiever, Type-A personality who wants to make big changes?

Or maybe you’re someone who is currently OK but doesn’t want to fall into the trap; you want to know how to have a fulfilled life before you fall into a crisis. 

My Hero in the Making package is an intensive one-on-one course intended specifically for leaders who are experiencing a gap between where they are, and what lies deep in their heart of where they truly wish to be.

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What you can expect: What you can’t expect is wholesome change quickly. Over approximately one year, you will gain sight into what is authentic to you and what is not, what is holding you back in terms of blind spots, learned behaviours, internal conditions, and how you view your world and the people within it. Through weekly phone calls and customized exercises that I design for you, we will work through the stages together, unravelling and untangling how you see yourself and working to visualize who you truly are through what’s in your heart. I will walk with you as you peel back the false masks and learn what is holding you back from living a life that is a real reflection of you. The end goal is for you to be living a life that is in alignment with who you are.

I want to help you live the life of your fullest potential. Start by contacting me to set up a phone call during which we’ll discuss how close you are to living your authentic life, and what facets of your life are suffering. I will help you discover who you are now and who you want to be and assess how close or far away you are from knowing who you truly are. 

I want to walk alongside you, going through the Ten iSights together, with the goal of you reaching the fullest potential of you in the world.