I absolutely love speaking; it makes me feel alive with a heightened sense that I am living my purpose.

It’s a feeling of all my dreams coming true in one gigantic rush that encompasses me and I wish everyone could feel this way: completely connected to what they are doing.

Do you know these moments?

It’s a moment when you feel like everything has just slowed right down and your inner WHO and your outer actions are perfectly aligned. You feel a deep, purposeful connection to everything around you, knowing that you are exactly where you should be, doing exactly what you should be doing, and knowing that a life lived without it wouldn’t be a life at all. 

These moments are individual to every person, and they will come anytime that we are engaging in activities that are aligned with who we truly are.

  • Do we live for those moments or do we live within those moments?
  • How do we immerse ourselves within these moments? 
  • Isn’t this what we truly dream and wish for in our lives; these moments of pure joy and purpose being fulfilled in everything that we do? 
  • Isn’t this why we exist, and not just exist but actually live? 
  • But how do we have more and more of them, time and time again?

Discover Your WHO: Individuals: Through my talks I seek to answer these questions, to share with my audience how they can go through the same steps I went through to live a life that is deeply purposeful and brings more and more moments of joy and fulfillment. I walk the audience through the Ten iSights to see how they can discover who they are, to awaken to purpose, and envision their full potential for their lives.

Discover Your WHO: Business: It is my belief that it is just as important for business leaders to know the WHO of their business, as it is for individuals. A business is a living, breathing entity and in order for its leaders to effectively lead it, the leaders must understand both who they are and who the business is. This talk is intended for leaders to better understand how to discover the WHO of their business, to effect lasting change and create true engagement in their workplace by connecting everyone to the business’s purpose.

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