Go on the greatest journey of your life!

Before you take a step, you need to see where you’re going.

My book, speeches, and personal coaching are based on ten powerful steps. But recently I’ve come to call them iSights. They are steps along the path of your life’s journey, but they’re also a way of seeing. Before you take a step you need to see where you’re going. And what you can see, you can accomplish.  

  • What do you see for your future?
  • What do you see for your relationships?
  • What do you see that is self-nourishing?
  • What do you see for your career?

Do you see the gap between where you are and where you want to be?

  • Before you can chase a dream, you need to see it. 
  • Before you can forgive yourself or someone else, you need to visualize that you can do that. 
  • Before you can achieve your potential, you need to see your purpose.

In 2013, in my own company, I was struggling and I did not have the eyesight to see what to do. But by discovering my WHO, I realized that it is possible to lead one’s life differently, to lead one’s company differently, to have more love and more authenticity in one’s relationships. You do all of this by first seeing yourself more clearly.

In the same way that you can stand on the top of a mountain and shift your position ever so slightly to gain more perspective on the surrounding countryside, each iSight gives you a new view:

  • To see yourself more clearly,
  • To see others more clearly,
  • To see your past and the reasons for your false habits more clearly,
  • To see all the potential for your life and what you can accomplish,
  • To see how you can live the life that’s in your heart.

The Ten iSights open you to a new way of living from your heart, and give you vision for life clarity.

The Ten iSights

  1. Turn the Arrow: Look inward and see how your identity comes first.
  2. Break the Shell: See the Seed of Care you have for yourself and others.
  3. Surrender to Me: Learn to pick up the phone and see the dreams embedded in your heart.
  4. Realize the Truth about Fear: See that fear is a liar and that you are perfectly able to accomplish your dreams.
  5. Look Back and Heal: See how you can unhook yourself from past trauma.
  6. Awaken Now to Purpose: See how to align your inner WHO with your outward actions.
  7. Pause & Embrace a Growth Mindset: See the negatives as opportunities for growth and self-nourishment.
  8. Remember Your Heart is Your Origin: See how your heart brings balance and authenticity into every area of your life.
  9. Breakthrough with a Lighter Touch: See how you can be yourself and allow others the freedom to be who they are.
  10. Free Your Dreams & Commit: See how you can close all the gaps and be the truest version of you in every area of life and experience true joy, connection, fulfillment, and love.

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